September 2018

Tutoring is officially back in session! The new school year, our 15th, started, and our first day of tutoring for the 2018-2019 academic school year started on September 17th. We also kicked off our new 8-week Selective Enrollment Test Prep class with 30 new 7th and 8th grade students who are eager to get into their dream high school. At Project: VISION, we do a fair amount of test preparation work with the students in the tutoring program, from high school entrance exams to ACT/SAT prep.  that to pilot our first Selective Enrollment Test prep course this fall and the Spring NWEA MAP test which counts toward Selective Enrollment High School application process .

PV students are excited to work with our tutors again, and new tutors are eager to help students achieve their academic goals. Already, the program already has a full roster of 200 students and a growing wait list which really speaks to the HUGE need in this community for services like this. Project: VISION staff and tutors continue to provide quality programs that keep students coming back.

Our staff are determined to help students improve by providing them the enrichment they need and supporting them beyond their daily homework. To read about how Project: VISION has been changing students’ lives for the better, check out our impact stories here.