Parent Engagement

PV currently engages parents by providing parent education to ensure parents are equipped with the information and skills to be supportive and engaged with their children at home.

PV offers parent education workshops, regular student progress updates, and opportunities to provide feedback.

Parent Workshops

PV hosts a series of monthly workshops on requested topics including youth development, mental health, parent/child relationships, behavioral management, and SEL at home.

Focus groups and discussion sessions are incorporated to provide parents with opportunities to share and support each other as well as give feedback to PV staff for continuous improvement.

Weekly Office Hours

Office hours are available for parents and guardians to easily access PV staff. PV’s Parent Engagement Coordinator also engages with parents via newsletters and WeChat (social media) updates.

The Case Manager is also available to provide referrals for services to address various family needs.

Parent Mentor Program

Parent Mentors receive initial leadership and tutoring training and are assigned a teacher and classroom to work with students during the school year.


  • Help parents become leaders in their own communities
  • Develop a pipeline to educational careers by getting parents engaged in their local neighborhood schools
  • Provide extra training around academic instruction, professional development, community engagement, and leadership skills
  • Provide opportunities to work directly with students to support teachers and classrooms

Annual PMP Convention: