Leadership Development

Service learning and leadership development are enrichment opportunities that are critical to the goals of the HSSP and include community service projects, youth-led civic engagement work, professional development, and paid work opportunities.

Civic Engagement

PV’s leadership programs help youth connect with their communities via meaningful service learning opportunities, while also building critical 21st century skills that translate to high school, college, and workplace success.

  • Young Positive Agents of Change (YPAC)
  • Youth Council

workforce Development

PV’s workforce programs provide internship experiences that help youth build workplace skills and learn about diverse careers.

  • Project: Watch Out World (WOW)
  • Chicago Youth Service Corp (CYSC)
  • Chicagobility

Civic Engagement


YPAC is a servant leadership training program that engages youth in civic engagement projects that helps them build important 21st-century skills and serve their communities in a meaningful way.

Youth Council

Youth Council prioritizes youth voices and encourages youth to use their ideas and perspectives on problems to devise solutions and impact their communities.


2023 Spring YPAC


Asian American
Intergenerational Experience

Brochure Besties

In our brochure, we focus on different aspects of Asian American history and culture. We provided a background of these things because they are essential to understand the impact of the interviews we conducted with youth, adults, and seniors. If you are interested in learning about our findings, take a look at our brochure! You should read the first page from right to left and the second page from left to right.

Social Media Elders

Our Instagram account focuses on the theme “intergenerational experience.” Through interviews with youth, seniors, and adults living in the greater Chinatown area, we learned how each group experiences America differently. Despite their differences, we also found that no matter their age, Chinese Americans have similar hopes for the future of Chinatown. Please take a look at our posts to learn what we found.

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Workforce Development


CYSC provides youth with work experience while also learning about and participating in civic engagement. Youth work in teams throughout the school year and summer to deliver community service projects that improve their neighborhoods.

Project: WOW

Project: WOW will provide high school youth with 30 hours of professional development workshops that will prepare them for paid summer internships with partner employers across diverse industries, including STEM, business and finance, social services, and arts/media.

These experiences are meant to help youth gain valuable workplace skills as well as explore potential career interests.


Chicagobility engages 20 youths (ages 14-15) in a project-based service learning program that utilizes the arts to promote civic engagement, community beautification, and safety.