July 2021 – August 2021

Camp PV 2021 looked different this year! After a long year of virtual learning, we were excited to offer Summer Camp in a virtual model with a hybrid in-person option! Our main goals for  summer were to help our youth reconnect with themselves, their peers, and their community:

  • REBUILD the relationships with our youth and socially prepare them for the upcoming school year.
  • RECONNECT by giving opportunities for youth to connect with their peers, new friends, and even themselves.
  • RECREATE by making space for fun and relaxation to create memories with their community.

Each day had an academic lesson to keep kids learning throughout the summer, a project or craft, and either a game or life skill lesson. Each week also incorporated social and emotional learning and STEM, and campers had activities they were able to do outside of camp hours.

  • Week 1 – Explore 🔭 🗺️: Oceanography, astronomy geography. Students explored their environment surrounding 
  • Week 2 – Connect 🌎: How cultures and communities interact. Ways to connect with others and self
  • Week 3 – Grow 🌱 ⏳: Emphasis on nature, and promoting self-growth
  • Week 4 – Investigate 🔬 🔎: STEM-related topics that challenge students to think outside the box
  • Week 5 – Adapt ⚖️ 🧠: Life skills like time, and stress management, financial literacy for kids
  • Week 6 – Create 🎨: Artistic and creative capabilities, hands-on

Campers had a summer full of adventure, exploration, and discovery, even in a hybrid learning setting. We learned so much from this new format and can’t wait to have fun and engage with even more kids next summer!

Week 1 – Explore

Week 2 – CONNECT

Week 3 – GROW


Week 5 – ADAPT

Week 6 – CREATE