JUNE 2020

WOW, what a year! Congratulations to all of PV high school seniors who graduated and are now college-bound! Our seniors have many reasons to be proud this year, especially persevering through the last few challenging months. Although senior traditions and graduation ceremonies did not happen as planned, their hard work and individual accomplishments from the past 4 years will never be diminished. Here are the schools these graduates will be attending this fall:

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana: 9
University of Illinois at Chicago: 1
Illinois Institute of Technology: 1
University of Wisconsin-Madison: 1
Loyola University Chicago: 1
DePaul University: 1

As a send-off, PV staff dropped off “College Survival Kit” gift baskets to our seniors (see pictures), visiting them in-person (while safely socially distancing) to provide words of encouragement, guidance, and best wishes for the future.

As our PV graduates embark on their new journey, we are excited to see all the places they will go and all the great things they will accomplish. Their future is bright and their possibilities are endless, and we wish them each the best. We hope their curiosity stays inquisitive and their dreams stay big. We hope they continue to grow academically as PV graduates and as continue to be dedicated leaders who will serve and champion for their communities and for a better future.