January 2018

We are proud to share that one of our former students, Nim Yan Chan, has been awarded a scholarship from The 11-10-02 Foundation (! Now in its 19th year, the volunteer-run foundation selects its Scholars through a multi-step process. First, it selects Nominators who are familiar with students within their communities. Once chosen, the Nominators receive the opportunity to recommend a student with financial need who fits the Foundation’s criteria and priorities — which focus on qualities like kindness, promptness and work ethic. Then, the nominees are given the chance to answer questions and provide information to the Foundation’s Board. As one of The 11-10-02 Foundation Scholars, Nim Yan receives a financial scholarship to help with her university tuition and will now have a chance to interact with some of the Foundation’s volunteers and its former Scholars.

Nim Yan first joined Project: VISION as a freshman in the English Language Learners program. She was a quiet and mature student, focused on her goals and optimistic in the face of challenges. As a new immigrant in an unfamiliar home, she struggled to not only learn in the new educational environment but also to adopt necessary life skills and to develop a connection to her community. Coming from an immigrant family, Nim Yan’s drive stems from the desire to make her mother proud, as she works tirelessly to ensure that Nim Yan receives a good educational foundation. Nim Yan continues to show so much perseverance and dedication, working hard to reach her goals and create a future for herself. Her natural curiosity motivated her to ask questions and seek help and resources for herself at PV in an effort to obtain a better understanding in school and this new culture. Last year, she decided to attend DePaul University to study chemistry. Although it isn’t easy being an English Language Learner, a woman, and a minority in a science field, she does not let these factors hold her back from achieving her dreams.

Nim Yan continues to strive for success, dedicating her time to her education and giving back to those who supported her in her journey. She chooses to continue to give back to Project: VISION by returning to the center as an office assistant on Saturdays. On account of her whole journey and what an incredible young woman she is, the decision to nominate her for the scholarship was clear. Congratulations, Nim Yan! We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the years to come!