October 2021

We officially kicked off the Parent Mentor Program (PMP) with Orientation for Parent Mentors from Healy, Ward, and Haines. This is the program’s first collective in-person parent meeting since the beginning of the pandemic! Mentors learned more about PV and the program leaders, met fellow parents at their schools, and learned more about the nuances of the program like the hours and timesheet process, summarizing the program model, etc.

Thank you to Parent Engagement Coordinator Tammy and PMP Coordinators, Ling (Healy), Kin (Ward) and Hailey (Haines) for facilitating this important first meeting!

Besides the orientation meeting, parent mentors and coordinators from all 3 schools gathered safely in-person to do 4 days of initial training. These initial trainings served as preparation for the mentors before they went into their assigned classrooms at their schools. Training topics focused on relationship building, creating safe spaces within our groups, learning about and setting personal goals, familiarizing mentors with Project: VISION’s programs and services, and designing what our dream schools would look like. Training components included small and large group discussions, with the opportunity to share stories about their personal life experiences and learn more about one another. 

The Parent Mentor Program has given us the platform to better serve our youth, their families, and even their classrooms. We hope to continue giving parents access to education, information, and resources to help parents feel more confident and knowledgeable about their own abilities to support their children and their education.