PV Summer BraveCamp 2020


Brave Initiatives

Girls building a better world through code

This summer 2020, we’re excited to partner with Brave Initiatives to bring BraveCamp to PV girls! In BraveCamp, our girls will innovate, design, and create technology using design-thinking tools for social impact.​

BraveCamp is an empowering and transformative one-week experience where girls learn how to code, that their voices matter, and that they can make a difference. Girls will learn front-end design and coding skills to bring relief to a selected critical issue. In this process girls will also be equipped with skills in public speaking, project management, time management, ideation and idea execution. Each girl will develop skill sets in empathy, human-centered design, and coding. Brave challenges girls towards building ethical technology with a meaningful purpose.

As PV’s core programs supports positive youth development by helping youth LEARN, encouraging them to SERVE, and, empowering them to LEAD, Brave Initiative’s BraveCamp reinforces the values, mindset, and skills that PV’s programs work to instill in youth and fosters meaningful engagement in creative ways.





  • Students will leave with developed self-efficacy in:
    • Technology
    • Design Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Leadership Skills
  • Students will meet mentors and be exposed to women in various tech fields.
  • Students will feel empowered to become change-makers in their communities.
  • Students will have fun while collaborating with girls in their community and creating solutions to solve problems they care about.


future leaders

This is a valuable opportunity for up to 30 of our PV high school girls to gain exposure to developing technology and design thinking, which are more essential than ever in today’s and the future workplace. More importantly, they will learn how these skills can be used to make a social impact. By partnering with Brave Initiatives, we can bring deep-rooted change to how our girls position themselves. We can help them bring sustainable change to themselves, their communities, and their cities.



Brave Initiatives

MISSION: To empower young women to be agents of change in the world through tech, design and leadership.

VISIONA world where technology is mindfully developed to solve meaningful problems by a diverse group of individuals.

Website: www.braveinitiatives.com



Brave bash march 6th


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brave bash 2020 

Brave Bash is Brave’s most important night of the year – it’s an inspiring evening celebrating the incredible work Brave Initiatives has done in progressing women in tech and cultivating socially aware, confident young women! While recognizing Brave Initiatives accomplishments to date, Brave Bash marks their leap towards reaching bigger and bolder goals in their mission to empower girls to become social change-makers and their vision of an equitable society.

During Brave Bash, Brave Initiative fundraises to support community partners like PV to run and to bring BraveCamps to life. 100% of what you give goes towards empowering girls to become change-makers in their communities. 

$ needed to run camp