September 2021

To provide more opportunities for our Middle Schoolers to engage in recreation, sports, and cultural/artistic activities throughout the year, Teen REACH Saturday Camps are now offered every Saturday.

Middle School youth have the opportunity to participate in 3 different camps focused on the Arts, Sports, or STEM curriculum. We hope to provide more ‘connected learning,’ which incorporates youth interests, social supports, and links them to academic, civic engagement, and career goals.

Arts + Activism Camp wrapped up recently! In Arts Camp, students explored activism and social movements and created bodies of work that help shed light and empower others to take action on different social issues.

We’re now Week 2 into Sports Camp and our youth are trying new skills and developing new interests, and learning to build connections with each other, movement, team building, and more. 

Starting November through January, we’re excited to work with Project SYNCERE to provide a STEM-focused camp that incorporates project-based learning and skills building in STEM subjects!

Check back later to learn more about the camps!

Teen Reach Camp: arts + activism

Teen Reach Camp: Sports & Recreation

Teen Reach Camp: STEM