Young Diverse Leaders learn Accountability and Responsibility 

February 2019

Building a bridge between local youths from Chicago’s north and south sides, Young Diverse Leaders of Chicago is a servant leadership training program for immigrant and/or minority youth across the Chicagoland area. At this stage in youths’ lives, you all are shaping and crafting their narratives and the lens by which they see the world. Young Diverse Leaders of Chicago focuses on leadership training workshops, academic success, and professional development, supporting the next wave of Asian American (and other minority) leaders. Students explore the idea of servant leadership, its application, and college and career readiness under the guidance of minority professionals, who will act as year-long mentors.

In the February session, youth from Project: VISION and Chinese Mutual Aid Association learned about accountability and responsibility. Leaders need to be held accountable to themselves as well as to others. Accountability and Responsibility can be demonstrated through basic professionalism. To prepare students for these expectations, students practiced different techniques and strategies in time management, organization and responsibility that they can use in their lives right now. They discussed important questions like:

  • To whom should I be accountable?
  • What is important to me and how do I prioritize?

4 sessions left, youth will complete a resume, cover letter, and job application and apply for one of four summer positions at Project: VISION or Chinese Mutual Aid Association!